Frequently Asked Questions

What Phone Number Do I Call To Report A Maintenance Problem? Just call the same number that you called to rent your apartment. These numbers are 405-743-4266 for Oak Park Village and 405-372-7395 for Carleton Crossing in Stillwater, Oklahoma. These phone numbers are answered 24 hours a day. After hours they roll over to an answering service. In case of an emergency, they will contact the appropriate individual to respond after hours. Please only call after hours for emergencies, otherwise wait until the next business day.

Who do I contact to find out about employment opportunities at Henneberry Properties? To find out more about employment opportunities, please call Ms. Sherri Buntin at 405-743-4266.

Is Laundry Service Available? The laundry facilities at Oak Park Village  and Carleton Crossing Apartments are open to all residents of Henneberry Properties. An added bonus at Oak Park Village is that the laundry is located right next to the pool, making it possible to do your laundry while taking a quick dip in the pool during the summer months. Laundry and swimming are a great way to meet your neighbors!

Are internet service and cable TV included in the rent? No, we believe in every individuals right to choose the service they want. Information on companies offering cable TV and internet service is available at the rental office.

Who am I actually renting from? Henneberry Properties is a family owned and operated business located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The term "Henneberry Properties" refers to the property of several limited liability corporations that are marketed as "Henneberry Properties". On each lease agreement the legal entity that you are renting from is specified. The important thing to remember is that the same great service and positive attitude is what we provide no matter which one of the properties you choose as your new home.

Do you allow pets? Oak Park Village, the Renville Apartments, Carleton Crossing and the Northfield Apartments are the only areas that allow pets. In order to keep a pet it must be 40 pounds or less fully grown and approved by management. All pet fees must also be paid. If you are keeping a pet at any other complex, you are in direct violation of your lease and must remove your pet immediately. Also, please do not dump kitty litter outside on the property. Kitty litter must be disposed of in a tied bag and placed into the dumpster. Dogs must be taken to the far East side of the property for potty time at Oak Park Village. Thanks for your help and cooperation on these pet issues!

How can I avoid clogging my garbage disposal?

Rice, grease and chicken bones frequently clog garbage disposals. Your garbage disposal is a great convenience, but large amounts of scraps should be bagged and put into the dumpster. Trying to make your garbage disposal do more than it is capable of will clog the disposal and result in a maintenance call. Please use your disposal with care.

Since the gas bill is included in the rent at Oak Park Village and Carleton Crossing, can I keep my apartment as hot as I want to in the winter?

Yes, as long as you mean within a normal temperature range. The natural gas bill is a major cost at the apartments. In order to avoid rent increases, it is important for all of our residents to work together and keep the bill as reasonable as possible. Please don't turn the heat way up and then open your windows or door to cool down. If you go on vacation, please turn the thermostat down to a reasonable temperature.

I like to cook with gas - where should I live?

In Stillwater, Oklahoma - Oak Park Village and Carleton Crossing Apartments are one of the few that offer the convenience and speed of cooking with gas. Call (405) 743-4266 to view one of Oak Park Village Apartments or (405) 372-7395 to view one of the Carleton Crossing Apartments. .