Have You Seen This?
We're always trying to do better!



We are replacing all of the siding at Oak Park Village - look at the sample sections on G building by the pool to see the new color scheme.






We put all new tiles around the pool in April 2006.  We also bought all new pool furniture, and Nathan painted the pool in May 2006. 





We put brand new countertops in the laundry, painted the room and buffed the floors in March 2006.




The landscaping at Oak Park Village was updated in March 2006.




Walnut Grove Apartments got a renovated parking lot in April 2006.




The Renville Apartments got a renovated parking lot in April 2006.

At Oak Park Village the H & E building roofs were replaced in April 2004. 
At Tamarack Village , we replaced the E building roof in April 2004,   the F building roof in February 2005 and the D building roof in January 2006. We also installed roof hatches at Tamarack Village in February 2005 for the "safety of our maintenance personnel".  Now with the improved roof access, air conditioner repairs at Tamarack Village will be much faster.




Joe Armstrong is shown here working on the crack fill and sealer for the parking lot at Oak Park Village in May 2006. The new finish on the parking lot is part of the renovations that are planned at Oak Park Village!