Laundry Facilities
Check out our great laundry facilties at Oak Park Village and Carleton Crossing!

The Henneberry Properties Laundry is open to all residents of Henneberry Properties.  It is a clean, modern facility which was renovated in 2006.  Washes only cost one dollar, a bargain price in Stillwater. 

The door to the laundry at Oak Park Village has a combination lock.  The combination is available to all residents by asking at the office.  The laundry at Carleton Crossing is accessible without a combination.

The laundry is located right by the pool.  If you live at another one of our properties in Stillwater, bring your laundry over to Oak Park Village and take a swim while your machines are running!

The washing machines are coin operated and require quarters.  Change is usually available in the office during normal office hours.


 The countertops in the Oak Park Village laundry were replaced in 2006.


Ten dryers at Oak Park Village mean you don't have to wait for one to open up.  You can get your laundry done in no time at all!


The laundry is located on the north side of the office at Oak Park Village (that's the left side of the building in the photo to the left)

The laundry at Carleton Crossing was completely remodeled and updated in 2007.