Miscellaneous Bits of Information for Residents of Henneberry Properties

Henneberry Properties Maintenance Technicians

Summers in Oklahoma can be hot, and that's why we usually have our own licensed heat and air technician on staff to keep your air conditioner humming on those hot days.  When we don't have our own technician, we use a reputable local company for heat and air service.

When a maintenance technician performs service in your unit while you are absent, he/she will leave a card like the one at left.  Both sides are shown.  The date, time and reason for the visit are on the back side of the card.  In case you have any questions, both the phone number and e-mail address for Henneberry Properties are on the front of the card.  It is impossible for us to provide advance notice 100 percent of the time, or to wait until a resident shows up to enter a unit for routine service.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 


 Laundry Service at Henneberry Properties

The Henneberry Properties Laundry is located right next to the office at Oak Park Village.  In the photo at left, the laundry is located on the left side of the building (that is the North side).  There is a combination lock on the door to the laundry - the combination is available to residents at the rental office.  The laundry was completely renovated in March 2006.

Henneberry Properties Pool

The pool for Henneberry Properties is located right next to the main rental office at Oak Park Village.  It is a "swim at your own risk" facility - there is no lifegaurd present.  Young children must be supervised by their parents.  Fun and safety are easy to combine and we want your summer swimming to be both enjoyable and safe!



Pets at Henneberry Properties

We welcome pets and responsible owners.  Visit our separate page on pet policies, discuss pets with our leasing agent, sign the pet agreement, pay the pet fee and deposit and follow the rules.  Very few apartments in Stillwater, Oklahoma accept pets.  Henneberry Properties is a pet friendly alternative, but the only way we can balance the desires of pet owners with those of residents living without pets is to have rules that are enforced.  We thank you for your cooperation.


Breaking Your Lease?

A lease agreement is a contract and there are consequences to breaking it.  We have a policy that applies to renters breaking their lease which involves a buyout fee, loss of deposit and paid up rent.  If you need to break your lease, come to the office and talk to our rental agents.  They will explain what you need to do in order to comply with our policy.  If you are faced with the need to break your lease but you are afraid of the consequences, remember that it is much better to communicate and prepare than it is to deny reality and avoid communication.  All residents who break their lease are treated in the same manner.   We understand that sometimes breaking a lease is unavoidable and we offer a way that residents can fulfill their obligations and leave without bad credit haunting them in the future.